About therapist


My name is Izabela. I love my life and a huge part of that is being incredibly happy at work. I am lucky enough to really, honestly love what I do. My mum is a nurse, so I'm guessing my desire to help others runs in the family. She always had educational books around to explain to us, my sister and I, any intricate questions we had regarding the human body. With time my curiosity grew. My passion to help others and my interest in human physiology and anatomy resulted in going to physiotherapy school. I later gained a Master degree in Physiotherapy. While getting experience as a physiotherapist, I found out how much pleasure I have from doing massages. But, at that moment, I didn't know where that passion would take me. 

I began practicing massage in 2003 and have developed techniques that cater to a wide variety of clients; from those seeking stress reduction to those in need of pain relief. And I was very good at this. Seeing people get better quickly was, and continues to be, my primary professional motivation. 

However, my perspective on how massages can impact people has shifted. One day, I saw a lady overcome with gratitude after her session with one of my colleagues. I was shocked. What had happened? She cries, she was touched. That hit me. My colleague not only improved her physical ability but also touched her soul and emotions. I strove to get the same results with my clients.

My colleague was practicing Ma-Uri massage techniques so I started researching. What I found out, it blew me away. The way the massage was delivered was just amazing; completely different from what I had learnt previously. I really wanted to do this. But at that time most aspects related to the training of Ma – Uri were out of my reach how? The training was a long process, requiring you to go to New Zealand for three months and to speak English. At the time, I didn't speak English at all. I even didn't pass one year at school because of English! How could I ever do this? 

To make a long story short, I learnt principles of Ma-Uri through self-experience: practicing and studying books and other media. I have never had the chance to take the course itself yet, but this began the journey to open my mind to a different perspective. I moved to England eleven years ago. I have learnt English, gotten married, and had the most amazing son I could ever have dreamed of. How you can imagine, my priority was being the best parent I could. Of course, it's turned out that raising a child isn't as easy as you wish. We all know how it is. Sleepless nights, crying baby and you run out of ideas how to give them comfort. And always challenging your patience. But watching them growing on happy, loving person it`s pay you all back. However, I knew I was making mistakes, I knew I could do better, I doubt in myself a lot. I was missing something. I had feeling that I have to change something and the change needs to start with(in) me. I felt desire to seeking answers how to be a better person and parent and that it pushed me to pursue my dreams again. So, I have opened my own Studio and have started practicing massage again over in England.

With time I slow down, my mind clears all thanks to practicing massage on the basis of Ma-Uri principles. I started to feel something which I couldn't explain. Like a sixth sense. I felt it in my hands and in my body. It was a strange yet intriguing feeling. The concept of Energy was always far away in far east, where the Buddha's are. But being hungry for answers and not satisfied yet with my results I started searching again.

I took an Indian Head Massage course, in the hopes that it would give me the information that I had been looking for. Unfortunately, I still wasn’t satisfied. What is it? What do I feel? What can I do with it? And then I found Reiki. That was it! I remember crying during my first attunement. I was relieved and felt blessed having ‘permission’ to feel what I feel and to know that I wasn’t crazy. My real journey began. The system of chakras, meridians and the concept of Qi energy was introduced to me. That's different, I thought. I was surprised and amused by how I could have been ignorant of this Life Force Energy for years. It is all about bringing balance to every aspect of your well-being; your body, mind, spirit and emotions. All of it is very important and can't be missed out; focusing solely on the physical symptoms of pain didn’t make sense anymore. My whole attitude changed. The concept of our belief system and emotional attachment to our pain seemed to be so obvious, but didn't feel so real before.

Using Reiki every day on myself and others has opened my mind and heart. I now accept and love myself for who I am. That`s help me to heal old scars. Sometimes things that are painful and hard can be easy swept under the rug but I feel it is important to clear your past and let them go. Alongside Reiki and Ma-Uri principles my work and life is influenced by some of the most amazing people I have ever heard about: Louise Hay, Tony Robinson, Andy Harrington and Vishen Lakhiani. All of them had the hard times in theirs life but they all found the power and strength to change them self. They life full life, helps others and build enterprise and still being loving, kindness and supportive to others, because they belief in people. 

Being aware why you behave the way you behave, understanding yours patterns and has power to change them, love and create your own reality is amazing experience. The real balance start when you action on it. When you aware of the changes, you take active part of it and you make conscious decision. Trust the Universe and stand upon them to reach your full potential. That is who I am today. Full of optimism and passion. Open to opportunities and always finding new ways to enrich myself and the people around me. That is what I aim to do. To open your mind to a different reality; to help you release the pain and find your inner peace, happiness and life satisfaction regardless of the limitations that hold you back and stop you from reaching your full potential. Life is happen from you.