Mum-To-Be Massage

The Pregnancy Massage is beneficial to both mother and baby and is a wonderful way to ease physical aches and pains and to reduce stress and anxiety. It is tailored specifically to the needs of pregnant women and their changing bodies, therefore massage techniques are adjusted accordingly. During the session, your position is changed frequently so you and baby feel comfortable and relaxed. 

Pregnancy is wonderful but can be tough at times. Your center of gravity is moving forward, leading to lots of tension in your body and your posture is changed. Your ligaments relax meaning your pelvic joints are less stable. Your blood circulation focuses on your developing baby, among other things, so your legs can feel heavy and tired. You’re carrying extra weight, your back is aching in addition to all the stress that comes with pregnancy. In this case a massage may be just the treatment you need. .

Please note: this massage is not recommended during the first trimester of pregnancy and therapists do not begin treatments until after your first scan at around twelve weeks. Therefore, please advise your therapist how far along into your pregnancy you are at the time of booking. Also midwife support is very important, so it is advisable to inform her before you begin your treatment. Sometimes a written confirmation could be required if any contraindications is applied. This is only out of concern for both mum and baby.

Iza. You were amazing!!!!! Thank you so much for an wonderful massage fantastic!!!

Had a great massage here today! Completly relaxing and relieved back pain. Feel much much better. Will be coming back for sure! P.S. sorry for the coins 

Izabela is a wonderful professional. Friendly, kind - I would recommend her with no hesitation

Amazing value for money and best massage we have ever had! We were in the Cotswolds for the weekend and it was just incredible ! Highly recommend. Just a shame we don't live I the area so can't go back very easily.

Just had a Reiki season with Izabela. Absolutely amazing, would highly recommend, very professional and a beautifully relaxing atmosphere. Thank you

Just had the best massage and Reiki ever. Izabela is simply amazing and made my aches and pains just disappear. Thank you!