Reiki (pronounced Ray-kee) is a natural healing energy based on the use of Universal Life Force. This Energy, being the non-physical vitality that gives life to all living things, has different names in different parts of the world - in China it is called Chi, in India (Sanskrit) Prana, in Japan Ki - and has been known and used for over 5ooo years! Thanks to the curiosity and knowledge of Buddhist priest Dr Mikao Usui over 100 years ago, he rediscovered Reiki again and passed those skills on to his students. Reiki has been growing in popularity ever since and its use, has expanded alongside conventional medicines in various settings including: private practices, complementary therapy centres, hospitals, hospices and GP surgeries, in the care of elderly and others. It is worth mentioning that Reiki has no belief system attached to it and there is no conflict with any prior religious beliefs held. So, no matter what you believe in, you can still enjoy Reiki. 


The beauty of Reiki is that it is a completely safe, non-invasive, gentle yet powerful energy that is complementary to all forms of medical and pharmaceutical interventions. There are no medical contraindications. However, the therapist/practitioner cannot diagnose or guarantee a cure. Nevertheless, Reiki supports natural healing and can help you reach your full potential. You can support this by starting a positive change in your personal lifestyle such as doing more exercise, improving your diet or dedicating more time to yourself for relaxation. More importantly, Reiki is an intelligent Energy and heals at the root cause rather than the presiding symptoms. This is due to it working holistically on four different levels - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually - balancing, healing and harmonising all aspects of the individual. It brings a sense of a deep relaxation and wellbeing, soothing emotions and reducing negative feelings. Reiki is a great antidote to the stress of everyday life; bringing back clarity, focus and a sense of purpose. 


Reiki is a non-diagnostic, non-manipulative, non-interventionist holistic therapy where no pressure is applied. It is activated by intention and channelled through the practitioner's hand into the patient, this way working with the bio-magnetic fields of the client's body. The client is fully clothed without shoes, and can be lying down or seated comfortably, covered and treated respectfully at all time. You can expect to experience a flow of energy, mild tingling, calming warmth, coolness and any other sensations or even nothing at all. The session usually lasts between 30 minutes to an hour and the effect is deeply relaxing and calming. Clients report that the beneficial effects of Reiki may be felt for several days; so one session can make all the difference. However, as with other treatments, Reiki would be more beneficial if taken on a regular basis.